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Welcome to the Video Tutorial Area.

Here you’ll find all the Video Training Tutorials and there’s a lot of them so take your time, watch them and re-watch them as many times as you need and everything will fall into place.

Tutorial 1 – Homepage Video

Note: Make sure that the video dimension is 310 x 174

Tutorial 2 – Replacing Video of a Premium Listing

Tutorial 3 – Editing Menu

Tutorial 4 – Adding new listing

Tutorial 5 – Editing Homepage Text

Tutorial 6 – Listings

Tutorial 7 – CSV Import

Note: When creating a .csv file make sure there are no symbols included like ‘#”[]{}%$ etc. because information after it will not be uploaded. Replace the # sign to No. especially if it’s in the address.

Under the Website column DO NOT add http:// or https:// since this is automatically added when the website of a listing is clicked from the hotsite.

You can read more about csv functionality from the users manual that can be downloaded here in the members area.

Tutorial 8 – Domain Mapping

How to Change A Record in GoDaddy

      1. Go to the Zone File Editor for the domain name you want to update.
      2. Click Add New Record (The Add DNS Record window displays).
      3. From the Record type list, select A(Host). Complete the following fields:
        * Host Name: Enter the host name the A Record links to. Type @ to point directly to your domain name (including www.)
        * Points to IP Address: Enter the IP address
        * TTL: leave the default setting

Example: Host Name:
Point to:

    1. Click OK
    2. Click Save Zone File
    3. Click OK. (The new A Record displays in the A (Host) section).

Tutorial 9 – Changing Logo

Note: Logo size is 300 x 70 pixels

Tutorial 10 – Adding Youtube Feed

Tutorial 11 – Adding Facebook Feed

Tutorial 12 – How to Change Background Image

Note:  Background Image size is 1900 x 1200 pixels

Tutorial 13 – How to Embed Hotsites into Facebook

Tutorial 14 – How to Create Multiple Hotsites

Tutorial 15 – How to add Google Analytics Tracking ID

Tutorial 16 – How to add Video in List your Business page

Tutorial 17 – How to Create Custom Form

Tutorial 18 – How to Add Payment Button to the List Your Business Form

Here’s the code you need in adding a payment button in your form:

<p><strong>Pay Subscription Now</strong> <em> (Premium/Featured Plans) </em> <br />

<p><a href=”LINK TO PAYMENT FORM “target=”_blank”> Pay via PayPal</a></p>